Mission Statement

Rahma School Mission Statemnet

رسالة مدرسة الرحمة

Rahma school strives to create an educational environment that focuses on helping students learn the Arabic language while preserving the Arab and Islamic identity and pride. Rahma School also aims to foster a positive integration of our youth into the Canadian society.

ايجاد وسط تعليمي لمساعدة التلميذ على تعلم اللغة العربية ومهاراتها مع الاحتفاظ بالهوية العربية و الاسلامية والافتخار بها مما يمكن النشئ من الاندماج الايجابي في المجتع الكندي .

Facts & Highlights

Rahma School was established 20 years ago to meet the needs of the Arab and Muslim community in the city of Ottawa and surrounding areas. Founders of the school had a firm belief that learning the Arabic language is a key component to creating a balanced and distinct cultural identity that is both proud of its heritage, and capable of sharing its values with the larger Canadian society in positive and constructive methods

With an average enrolment of more than 700 students per year, Rahma school now offers Arabic language studies and Islamic studies in 3 locations distributed to serve geographically diverse communities in Ottawa-Gatineau . The Arabic language program is part of the

International Language Program of the Ottawa-Carleton District School Board, and the Ottawa French Catholic School Board.

Rahma School provides a rich program that builds on high standards for teaching Arabic as a second language. It also provides a venue for our students and their families to participate and celebrate various cultural events, holidays, and festivities. Our program is administered by qualified pedagogues and teachers who have the skills and passion to teach the language using enjoyable and effective technique. Rahma staff is also committed to ongoing professional development that focuses on improving pedagogical skills, teaching methods, and effective classroom management.

Our Principal

School Principles and Values مبادئ وقيم المدرسة
  • Learn Arabic as a means to understand our culture and communicate with the community and its heritage
  • Create a positive environment that demonstrates Islamic moral values to help students develop balanced attitude and behaviour
  • Present the school as a way to create positive communication channels with the Arab community and the Canadian society
  • .تعلم العربية كوسيلة لفهم الدين والتواصل بها مع المجتمع وتراثه
  • .ايجاد بيئة ايجابية تتجسد بها الاخلاق الاسلامية لبناء شخصية متوازنة
  • .المدرسة هي وسيلة للتواصل الايجابي مع الجالية الاسلامية والمجتمع الكندي